What We Do

The Big Sister Experience is dedicated to inspiring the next generation through self-love and self-confidence. Our uplifting Primary and Secondary Workshops and Programs are designed to provide tools to young people and the people who care about them. We focus on MENTAL HEALTH, WELLBEING & LIFE EDUCATION. Our holistic approach gives students, their families and educators the tools to become capable, resilient and EMPOWERED YOUNG PEOPLE of tomorrow.


Primary School Programs

Ignite the spark of self-discovery and confidence in young minds through our engaging workshops tailored for primary school students. 

Secondary School Programs

Equip teenagers with the tools to navigate the complexities of adolescence with resilience and self-assurance through our specialised workshops for secondary school students.

Educator Professional Learning

Empower educators with the knowledge and skills to support students in their journey towards self-love and confidence through our professional learning sessions.

Family Empowerment Sessions

Foster stronger bonds within families and empower parents to support their children’s emotional well-being through our empowering family sessions.


Access our transformative self-love programs online, providing individuals with the tools to cultivate a positive self-image and inner strength.


Our holistic approach ensures that students, their families, and educators receive comprehensive support in mental health, wellbeing, and life education. Together, we empower young people to become capable, resilient, and empowered individuals of tomorrow.

Join us in shaping a brighter future for the next generation.
Together, let’s inspire self-love and confidence in every young person.

Our Founders



Meet Bianca, your favourite redhead and the heart and soul of The Big Sister Experience, Bianca embodies the vibrant spirit and compassionate leadership that drives our mission. Holding a Bachelor of Business and a Masters in Teaching, equipping her with the expertise and insight to lead with authenticity and realness. Her journey has been marked by personal challenges, including battling anxiety and depression, which fuels her passion for empowering young people. She is dedicated to providing them with the tools and strategies to navigate their own mental health struggles in today’s challenging world.

Since Co-founding The Big Sister Experience with Kritz her sister, Bianca has been instrumental in facilitating workshops for over 25,000 students. Her creative and empathetic approach has inspired countless young people, helping them develop self-love, self-confidence, and resilience.

In addition to her role at The Big Sister Experience, Bianca is a devoted mum to two beautiful toddler boys, balancing her professional and personal life with grace and dedication. Her dual role as an inspiring founder, leader and a loving mother enriches her perspective and commitment to fostering safe and empowered environments for young people.

Bianca’s unique blend of professional expertise and personal experience makes her an invaluable force behind The Big Sister Experience, as she continues to lead with compassion and inspire the next generation of fierce and resilient individuals.



Graduating from RMIT with a Bachelor of Education, Kritz always knew that working with young people was her calling. She draws on her personal experiences with many of the same challenges facing young girls today, such as battling an eating disorder and self-harm during her teenage years. Kritz’s openness about her past struggles allows her to connect deeply with others, providing a compassionate and understanding presence for those in the program.

Recently, Kritz has embraced the joyous role of being a proud mum to a very new baby, balancing motherhood with her commitment to empowering young people. Her ability to juggle her professional responsibilities and personal life with grace and dedication is a testament to her remarkable character. Kritz is the empathetic and intuitive powerhouse and her journey has been marked by resilience and a determination to make a real difference. Her leadership is defined by a ‘get it done’ attitude and remarkable intuition, which guide The Big Sister Experience forward with heart and purpose. Since its inception, Kritz has played a pivotal role in facilitating workshops that have reached hundreds of schools, instilling self-love, confidence, and resilience in each participant.

Kritz brings the same passion and energy to her personal interests as she does to her work. Kritz’s close bond with Bianca is a cornerstone of The Big Sister Experience. Together, they form an unstoppable team, driven by their shared vision and dedication.

Kritz’s story is one of empathy, intuition, and unwavering commitment to empowering young people. Her leadership, personal experiences, and deep compassion make her an integral force behind The Big Sister Experience, continuously inspiring and guiding the next generation towards a brighter future.

Our Team


Bianca She / Her

Culture Queen

Masters of Teaching

Kritz She / Her

Customer Lovin’

Bachelor of Education

Leadership Team

Dora She / Her

Admin Fairy

Bachelor of Counselling

Molly She / Her

Lead Facilitator & Creative Queen

Pre Service Teacher

Marimba She / Her

Lead Facilitator & Nurture Queen

Bachelor of Health Science+ Counselling

Talia She / Her

Lead Facilitaor
EQ QUeen

Masters In Thereputic Arts

Big Sisters

Jessie She / Her

Bachelor of Youth Work

Charlotte She / Her

Pre Service Teacher

Chantel She / Her

Student Nurse

Zoe She / Her

Bachelor of Social Work

Tash She / Her

Cert IV in Mental Health

Jade She / Her

Mental Health First Aider

DaIna She / Her

Bachelor of Arts

Eva She / Her

Psycotherapy – Counselling Student

Caitlin She / Her

Bachelor of Gender & Sexuality Studies