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What We Do

For educators and families of teenage girls who are dissatisfied with gaps in the curriculum around real life education, The Big Sister Experience is a new way to mentor young women to live their full potential.

The Big Sisters work with schools, families and teenage girls. Unlike programs that only offer in-school components, our program supports families and offers ongoing mentoring to teach girls essential life skills.

For senior school girls who feel that school has not prepared them with the life skills they need in the real world, The Big Sister Experience provides young women with seminars and ongoing mentoring that teaches them key skills, knowledge and understanding of the modern world.

The Sisters



Biggest Sister

Always knowing she was destined to work with children, Bianca graduated from Deakin University with a Masters of Teaching.

Together with her little sister, Kritz, Bianca saw an opportunity to get in at an earlier level and work with younger women to empower them with the knowledge and tools needed to take charge of their own lives, without allowing social pressures to impact their happiness.



Big Sister

Knowing children were a strong part of her future, Kritz graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Teaching and had also been working as a Kindergarten teacher for 5 years prior to this. After learning from her own experiences in life and love, Kritz wanted to make more of an impact on women’s lives on a more personal level. She begun assisting her sister Bianca with live events and mentoring programs for ladies, finding great fulfilment in being able to make a real difference in the lives of the women who were learning from the program.




Soul Sister

From a young age Rachael always knew that she wanted to work with people. In 2014 she completed her Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) at Deakin University and is fully qualified in Counselling and Coaching.

Rachael has been practicing for 8 years, with her work focused on helping people to work through their issues to become empowered, confident and happy, as well as to create the lives they wish to live. With her experience and knowledge, she has worked with people of all ages to change their lives.