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Educator Professional Development Sessions

The Big Sister Experience has over 14 years combined teaching experience in classrooms. They have also worked with countless teen and pre teen girls on developing their self worth and resilience skills.

The Big Sister Experience host a range of Professional Development session for educators that will equip them with strategies, activities and tips to incorporate into their daily classroom practice to continue nurturing resilient and confident girls.

Along with practical tips grounded in recent research and their own life lessons and anecdotes, The Big Sister Experience takes educators through activities within these interactive PD’s that will nurture their own sense of self-worth, resilience, and confidence both inside and out of the classroom.

Family Information Sessions

Parents have always had a tough job. But today more than ever, parents are facing the unknown. Social media, information overload, fast paced living and a stronger need than ever for ethical and moral guidance means parents can feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

This is why The Big Sister Experience offers workshops for families. If incorporated into the school aspect of the program, the family workshop mirrors content covered with their girls, and offers practical tips and ideas on how to best support their growing girls.

The Big Sister Experience strongly believes that children mirror the adults in their lives, so these workshops are a great way for families to reset and continue leading by example. The family workshops are also a wonderful way to ensure continuity of workshop content by sharing ways in which to connect with their girls, and nurture their confidence and resilience.

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David Tyson – AEU Professional Development Manager

The webinar ‘Wellbeing for Teachers: Tips on Increasing Productivity Whilst Working From Home’ developed and presented by Bianca and Kritz Sciessere provides a positive and structured way for teachers to effectively manage the challenges of working from home.  It shows teachers how to differentiate between ‘work time’ and ‘home time’ when working remotely.  The central message is all about establishing healthy routines and keeping things simple and one that has relevance when schools return to normal .  The webinar is delivered in a manner that is meaningful and authentic as both Bianca and Kritz teachers and are able the show real empathy with the struggles some teachers face daily.   They pepper the presentation with real life examples that are quite engaging for their audience.  As a former school Principal and now a Manager at the AEU’S Professional Learning Centre in Melbourne, I found this presentation to provide a very sound framework for teachers to use to enhance their wellbeing and I have no hesitation in recommending Bianca and Kritz’s work for use in all school settings across the State