Teen Isolation + Beyond Kit for Parents


A eBook plus a 60 minute anxiety webinar supporting parents through the challenges their teen or tween may face during isolation and beyond.

This package includes:

  • 40 page teen anxiety and isolation e-book
  • 60 minute anxiety webinar for parents
  • 12 page PDF resource that accompanies what we discuss in the webinar

The eBook

A practical guide for parents outlining ideas and strategies for supporting your teen through isolation and beyond. Full of tips, ideas, strategies and tools to implement to build resilience and overall wellbeing with your teen both now in isolation, and to support her in the future. Our 40 page guide covers

–       the science behind anxiety

–       tips on how to support your anxious child

–       ideas for making remote learning easier

–       steps to follow on talking to your teen about a crisis

–       templates and planners to share with your teen

–       our favourite ideas on how to foster connection during isolation

The Webinar

The Big Sister Experience has interwoven their own personal experiences with anxiety and their 14 years working with young girls into this informative and practical 60 minute online workshop. A 12 page PDF resource accompanies this webinar.

For parents whose daughter is presenting with varying degrees of anxiety, learn simple techniques and strategies to equip them with the tools they need to cope with and manage their anxieties.

At the end of the webinar you will walk away with a confident understanding of

– How to spot anxiety in your daughter

– Why anxiety is manifesting so commonly in today’s youth

– The importance of empowering your daughter with tools, instead of disempowering them through avoidance

– Tips you can try with your daughter to teach her coping strategies

– What to say and what not to say to your daughter experiencing anxiety

– A new compassion and understanding of how to ensure your daughter lives a confident life despite the challenges of anxiety