All About Jess
Having completed her Bachelor in Primary and Childhood Education, and now playing for the women’s AFL for North Melbourne, Jess Trend is bringing her passion for wellbeing to The Big Sister Experience team as a brand ambassador.

Facing challenges growing up around anxiety, fitting in and confidence, Jess now finds passion in sharing her journey with the youth of today. Apart from daily struggles with stopping at only 1 spoon of Nutella, Jess still battles with the struggles of OCD, and having the self-confidence to believe in herself. The biggest areas she is passionate about are anxiety and resilience. Her journey to being drafted saw her facing constant demons in her mind including a lack of confidence and a fear of being injured again. These are the stories she brings to The Big Sister Experience community, and this is why Jess is such a fierce ambassador for the work we are doing around mental health, wellbeing and life education.

With a love of being active and hanging out with the Trend tribe for woodfire pizzas and chats, Jess loves escaping down to her little shack in Ocean Grove where she can disconnect and recharge. Although she refuses to wear a dress, Jess is excited to share the stories of her triumphs, disappointments and struggles with our Big Sister Experience community. Jess understands the power of vulnerability and is now not afraid to be her authentic self. She is a free spirit and talks with ease about what goes on upstairs in the mind of Jess Trend; and it is hectic. We are super excited to have Jess Trend as an ambassador for The Big Sister Experience and look forward to the value and experience she will bring to our community.

All About Alex

Alex Eade is determined, passionate and super bendy! She took home the 2018 Commonwealth Gold Medal in gymnastics and is a proud ambassador of The Big Sister Experience. She is currently studying biomedical science with the hope of studying medicine in 2022. When she is not eating or catching up on Keeping up with the Kardashians, you can usually find Alex exercising or writing up her uni assignments… or giving an amazing guest speaker presentation to our high school sisters!

The thing that drew Alex to The Big Sister Experience was the fact that it is a program where girls can speak their minds without judgement and receive advice from women who have been in similar situations and who understand exactly what they are experiencing. Alex shares her story with vulnerability and courage, and was excited to join the team to be able to share not just her successes as a gymnast, but also the hardships and lows that came with it.

She claims her biggest weaknesses are chocolate, lollies and chips. But we think Alex has many qualities that more than make-up for that… her determination being her strongest trait. We are thrilled to have Alex Eade as an ambassador for the work we do at The Big Sister Experience and know she will be a valuable contributor to our community.


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