The Self-Love Makeover Programs include…


– Flexibility to sign up and start whenever you like! Complete at your own pace (access for 200 days)

– Delivery through our safe & secure online portal

– A weekly video on the monthly concept giving tips, knowledge, real-life examples and lessons, activities and ideas to the girls

– Weekly PDF booklets with materials & resources

– Weekly blog posts & articles on relevant weekly topic

– Weekly activities & tasks

– Monthly emails to guardians with recent content updates and ways to support at home

Here’s a sneak peak of what our online programs look like

Testimonials for our Online Programs

Kim & Poppe

Kim & Poppe

12 week Self-Love Makeover

I would love to thank you for the great program you have produced for teenagers.
My daughter participated in the one of last intakes and has thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot from the program.
Due to her Autism I assisted her with each lesson just to make sure the material was absorb as her short term memory is not fully functional as per a neurotypical teenager.
We both found the course to be clear and very relatable.
She has completed other programs on resilience due to school bullying and I have found them to be, perhaps too complex too much to absorb in a short period of time.
Your program is simply structured, current to the issues of today’s society and makes the girls feel that they aren’t alone which I find a major bonus.
Congratulations on putting together a great little program that our teenagers enjoy while they learn!
Many thanks Bianca & Kritz.