Maintaining Some Sort of Normal in the Middle of a Global Pandemic

For Teens

When will I be able to hang out with my friends again?

What if I turn 18 and can’t celebrate with a party or going out to my first club?

What if it last so long I miss schoolies with my friends?

What if my friends and I grow apart?

The thoughts running through your head right now are, and will continue to be, endless.

As the situation around us escalates so will the scenarios in your head.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much control over what is happening around the world right now and what will continue to change in the near and distant future.

But what we do have control over are our thoughts, our feelings and the way we respond to the changes that have literally turned our lives upside down!



The Positives


The big positive in this situation is that it’s 2020 and the amount of technology we have available to us to allows us to remain in “contact” with our friends are endless and that is something we need to be grateful for everyday! 

Imagine being in this situation with only one home phone line….

or internet that takes 5 minutes to dial up…

so when we think about it, we need to be grateful for the endless possibilities we have at our fingertips to keep in touch with our nearest and dearest at these uncertain times.


Physical Distancing VS Social Distancing


We prefer to use the phrase ‘physical distancing’ opposed to ‘social distancing’.

Although we should be physically distancing ourselves from people at this time, the need for social connection is more important than ever.

As physical distancing has been put in place for our own safety and you are more than likely limiting the people you physically see, it’s now so crucial to be reaching out to check in on your friends as well as reaching out to them if you yourself need help, support or just to have a vent or a goss sesh.



The Time For Friends


I have different friends that I reach out for, for different things.

One friend I call when I’m feeling a bit down because I know she always knows just what to say to give me a big belly laugh.

Another friend I call to talk about relationship drama… she’s single too but I find she still gives the best advice!

Another friend I call to talk about family and how if mum or dad say another word to me today I might actually loose my mind. 

Other times, I just need a distraction from what’s happening around the country and the world right now so I get them all on a big group FaceTime and we just chat as if we’re sitting at a cafe’ or in one of our living rooms.

No, it’s not the same as giving them a big hug, it’s not the same as being in each other’s presence; but what it is, is connection, is keeping in touch.

It’s talking about things we may never have discussed if our normal routine was the same because we wouldn’t have had the time to stop and think about it.

It’s letting them know I’m there for them no matter what the situation.

It’s me realising they are there for me too. 


So, no, we don’t know what the future has in stall for us, we don’t know if we will miss out on schoolies or if our first night clubbing when we turn 18 will be months after the event.

But what we do know is relationships and connections are more vital than ever.

And how lucky are we that with a little imagination, the internet, and the click of a button, we can continue to build on and strengthen the relationships we have in our lives with the ones we love.

Written by Kritz Sciessere from The Big Sister Experience.