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How to Talk to Your Daughter About a Crisis

The past few weeks have been unsettling to say the least. The fast spread of COVID-19 and the saturating media and social media coverage has left a lot of us feeling anxious and panicked.

Even a simple trip to the supermarket can bring on fear and uneasiness as we walk down isles, eerily bare and empty.

We, as adults, are feeling the energy around us; uncertain, uneasy, panicked.

So imagine how difficult this is for our tweens and teens to process our current situation. It’s imperative that we do talk about what is happening – but how can we do that without instilling more panic and fear?

Let these 6 tips guide you to opening up a discussion with your teen about the current Coronavirus situation.


Who the sisters are and what they are working towards


Biggest Sister

Your favourite red head, Bianca is the creative and compassionate Biggest Sister.

She loves belting out a classic Madonna tune and revels in the fact that people are always unsure if she is the younger, or older sister. 

With a Bachelor of Business and Masters in Teaching, Bianca is passionate about leading the way for our young people with authenticity and realness.

Struggling with more than her fair share of “doona days” after a diagnosis of anxiety and depression, Bianca has worked hard to identify tools and strategies that assist her in living a mostly happy and positive life.

She felt passionately about empowering our young girls with the same tools and strategies to assist themselves, and one another, through the current mental health struggles our society is facing.

When she is not inspiring the next generation of fierce and determined women, Bianca loves hanging out with her fur baby, Frankie, reading a good book, or tending to her countless houseplants that threaten to overrun her apartment.

Often mistaken for twins, you will find Bianca within a 10 foot radius of Kritz at all times, or else rest assured they are in constant communication via phone or Facebook messenger. 


Big Sister

Empathetic and intuitive, Kritz is the powerhouse behind The Big Sister Experience.

Various and ever-changing shades of blonde, Kritz is a fierce and loyal Leo who has the ability to read situations (and people) like a book. 

Knowing children were a strong part of her future, Kritz graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Teaching.

After learning from her own experiences in life and love, Kritz wanted to make more of an impact on women’s lives on a more personal level. She begun assisting her sister Bianca with live events and mentoring programs for ladies, finding great fulfilment in being able to make a real difference in the lives of the women who were learning from the program.

Leading by example by opening up about her battle with an eating disorder and self harm throughout her teenage years, Kritz has a way of empathising with the girls we work with, and helping them through their own challenges. 

Today she is the heart and soul of The Big Sister Experience, leading the way with her ‘get it done’ attitude and spidey-senses.

A sucker for a good home-made Poke Bowl, when she’s not meditating or smudging her apartment, Kritz can be found spring cleaning her apartment or soaking up some vitamin D from Bianca’s balcony.  



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* We wouldn’t want our email addresses going to third parties so we would never do it to you. Your email address is safe with us.