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Claire – Year 8 Student

You made us feel like it was a safe environment and we wouldn’t be judged or anything. I learnt that it’s good to love yourself. Not be up yourself, but take care of yourself. And if you want to say no to something, you can, and you won’t be judged for it, and if they judge you, they’re not good people to hang around.

Jesse – Year 7 Student

The workshop was very relatable considering most of us had been in the situations depicted in front of us. It was great that we could have our say, contribute and listen to what Bianca and Kritz were saying in a judgement free environment.

The things they said really made me realise that everyone faces their challenges and hardships but no matter what, you should always stay true to yourself and do what makes you happy. It was great that we were able to interact and get involved in activities. I am so thankful that I got to be involved in this workshop because it opened my eyes about many important and relevant topics!


My main issues are self love and self worth, baggage and letting people influence my behaviour and emotions. The Big Sisters have been helping me with all of those things.

Couldn’t recommend the membership or the girl’s events enough. They are amazing! Invest in yourself – we are all worth it.

Sciantel – Year 12 Student

The Big sisters allow younger girls like myself to feel comfortable in asking questions & seeking advice.

For me it was asking questions I wouldn’t particularly feel comfortable asking my mum, and they provided me with the perfect advice on how to approach the situation.

These girls are so friendly, super approachable and just purely amazing!

Hannah – Year 6 Coordinator

As a year 6 coordinator I was so excited to come across The Big Sister Experience as it is so needed in schools state wide. After meeting with Kritz and Bianca, their professional and enthusiastic nature made me feel confident they were the perfect teachers to deliver such a program. The Big Sister program was such a highly beneficial workshop for our students and really got them involved while they were learning. Having been a teacher for 10 years, and seeing the gap in general life skills within the curriculum, I can say this program is vital for all students wellbeing, safety and transition to high school. We can’t wait to have the Big Sisters back to deliver their program to the year 6 cohort each year!

Matt – Year 8 Coordinator

As the Year 8 coordinator I believe it should be part of the curriculum from day dot… these really simple messages get overlooked. Are parents meant to be teaching this, are teachers meant to be teaching this, where are they learning these types of things? There is a great need for this kind of ethical and moral guidance.

The messages really resonated, they were relevant, and the girls actually enjoyed themselves, they were really engaged!

Daniela – Year 7 Student

It was a great workshop and I think a much needed one for girls our age. So often we get caught up in life that we forget to take care of ourselves, and the Big Sister Experience was a great way to take some time to remind ourselves just how much we are worth and how it is very important to surround ourselves with people who let us be ourselves.

I would definitely recommend The Big Sister Experience to other girls my age because it is so important to understand more about yourself, and how to manage your social circles, as well as how important it is for girls to support girls. These are definitely much needed topics to raise with girls in high school.

Abbey – Year 9 Student

I really liked how they explained everything because a lot of people won’t come out and say yes it’s hard, most people just come out and say love yourself, do this, do that but they won’t actually explain how. It’s really just nice that Bianca and Kritz explained all the different ways to love yourself and expressed what they went through so we could relate to them.

Also the way they opened up and they didn’t worry about not telling the full story because it might be confronting. It’s good to be confronting, it’s good to make people uncomfortable because the real world is confronting and it’s uncomfortable and there’s so many situations and it’s just good to give us that experience that you are not alone, you are here and they told us that and really made us believe it!